The Fearless Woman Transformation Program


From Divorce Devastation to Finding True Love

8 week Course starts:
October 5th, 2020

The Fearless Woman Transformation Program is a 8 week LIVE Online Course focused on taking you from divorce devastation to finding true love!

Our empowering program helps women who have had a divorce or breakup discover who they really are, honor their worth, create boundaries to protect their personal space from toxic and unhealthy people, & transform themselves into a fearless woman who lives life on purpose.

And watch how the men start lining up at the door -nothing more sexy than a secure and whole woman!

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If you are ready to transform your life and become a Fearless Woman then take action now and lock in your spot!

This will be guaranteed to the first 10 women only.

Course starts: OCTOBER 5th, 2020

Hi, I'm Revi!

Your Fearless Woman Leader!

In 2015, I made the hardest decision of my life. I decided to leave my husband after a 20 year marriage. I was so scared. I thought I would die without him. I thought I would be homeless and broke. I thought I was a failure. I thought I was helpless and worthless. I was certain no man would ever want me. And I would never find true love. Boy – was I so WRONG!

Today I stand here before you as a transformed woman. I went from the ashes of divorce devastation to be reborn and liberated into the Fearless Woman I am today. I am a woman of worth, a woman with boundaries, a woman who knows my needs and have self met them, and know the difference between wanting a man and needing a man. And trust me ladies, I will never again “need” a man!

Sadly, due to limiting beliefs and unmet emotional needs that stem directly from our childhood, we grow up with these “memories” as our truth into our adulthood and thus attract toxic relationships and marriages that provide evidence of these limiting beliefs and unmet emotional needs. The pattern and cycle continues. How exhausting!

The break, the split, the separation, the divorce, whatever you want to call it, is now your opportunity for you to do the real work, the hard work, the only work that matters – to transform YOU into the Fearless Woman you were born to be.

We do this by annihilating these anchors using my transformation program and methods. After this hard work is done, you will see magic happen in our life. Your energy, your aura, your entire life will just naturally change. And then, and only then, will the right man show up in your life. It's that fluid. It's that natural. When you do the real work on you, then your life will change. Of that I am certain.

So are you ready? Of course you are!
That’s why you are reading this!!

Sign up immediately to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited so don't wait one more minute. Can't wait to meet you and transform you into the Fearless Woman you were born to be! Amen sister!

I’ll see you on the inside!

Revi has a natural gravitas. She has a way to make you feel at ease. Revi is emphatic while simultaneously encouraging and challenging you to find your own answers. Her approach is totally non-judgmental and the sessions are really focused on you and how to rediscover the fearless woman in you!

- Layla Abaza

Revi has taught me how to become an empowered woman. After going through a divorce I found myself in a very bad place. Yet by applying Revi’s concepts and methods, she taught me how to look at myself through a new lens. She taught me that I have the power to dig deep to gain awareness and think in new ways.

- Rivka Sherr

She was like a rocket ship into my soul. She showed me how absolutely amazing and great I am. She showed me to seek evidence in my life that proved that I was smart, that I made money and that I had worth. She showed me how to release anchors in my life that were holding me back. Her energy and passion was addicting.

- Amy

3 months ago I was devastated and recovering from two situations: an abusive relationship followed by a relationship with an unavailable man. In my sadness and pain, I reached out and looked for a support system. This is how I came across the Fearless Woman Tribe and got invigorating, nourishing wisdom from a fearless warrior woman named Revi. I joined the very first FWTP and it was the most intense, hard work on myself I ever did. Deep dive into the root cause of negative believes and search for the inner child, learning to love myself and have a new sense of worth, setting boundaries, and starting to get in touch with my authentic self. All this was possible in the setting of FWTP.

For me two things came together to impact me in a strong, transformative way: the coaching/guiding/training/ role modeling on one side, and, on the other side, the camaraderie, trust, and support from the women in the group. The experience that emerged was unique and liberating for me. I admire Revi’s fearlessness and I learned and continue to learn to allow my own fearlessness into the world. FWTP has been a safe space for healing and looking into the dark, hidden parts of my soul so that ultimately I can see the light and know that I am Worth It. And so are you: Fearless Woman.

I am grateful to have met Revi and to have had the opportunity to learn from her. She is a Woman of Power and Authenticity, undoubtedly focused on helping women recover and restore their Worth. A mission we should all undertake. Thank you Revi!

- Andrea


Fearless Woman Transformation Program


Sharing Our Stories

On the first week we’ll get to know each other a little bit more, you’ll be introduced to all the must-know information. We’ll make sure you have all the right links and you’re ready to get started!


Are You Needy?

MILESTONES: Know the difference between being needy (repulsive) and having needs (normal).




MILESTONES: You have now discovered you are brave and can do it alone. And you have learned that fear is mind drama and simply not true.


Know Your Worth

MILESTONES: Your now have clear evidence of worth and know to honor and forever protect it! You rely on yourself and tap into your PowHER as all the answers are INSIDE of you. Hello Fearless Woman. It’s so nice to meet you👊



You ARE a Fearless Woman

MILESTONES: You have been reborn as a Fearless Woman. You do not let anyone stand in your way. You are an unstoppable force of nature as you rely on yourself, you count on yourself and you are madly in love with the woman that you are. AMEN.



MILESTONES: You are a Magnet for Money. You have respect and a relationship with Money. You earn your own money, you do not rely on a man for money anymore. 


Men, Love, Sex + Beyond

MILESTONES: You are dating and meeting healthy, secure and stable men. You are dating from a point of security and abundance.
You are with a man because you WANT to be with him, and not because you need him to validate your worth. AMEN. 


Takeaways, Goals, Action Plans

The last week is all about the recap, the biggest lessons learned, your further goals and plans. We’ll make sure you’re ready to move ahead!


On Your Marks... Get Set... HIRED!

Teaching you how to Find a Job Like a Pro! Strategies and tips from my 20 years as a seasoned 6 figure recruiter with my firm Wall Street Personnel.
Interviewed live on Fox Business News, quoted in Chicago Tribune, Sun Sentinel, NY Sun. and more.

Master these Steps to Achieve the Confidence, Radiance and Conviction to be a Fearless Woman



What's holding you back?


If you don’t have time to work on yourself, invest in yourself, improve your life, change your life, so that you can discover who you really are, own your worth, release the Fearless Woman who is in prison inside of you, to ultimately attract the man of your dreams, your soul mate, your partner in life and experience incredible and pure love? Well then this is EXACTLY why you need to do because you have just proven to me that you don’t deserve this because you are not worth it!! Don’t you see? A program to change your life and you tell me “I’m not worth it”. THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!!!! You ARE Worth it! You just don’t believe it (yet). The Program will change that mindset. Forever.


Let me ask you, what is it truly costing by not doing it? Let’s see… Terrible, toxic, dysfunctional, unhealthy, depleting, emotionally and verbally abusive relationships with men that simply keep affirming your limiting beliefs (which you do have and don’t even know it) that you are not worth love; A life of lack and deficiency. A deep hole inside of you (on chest or on the stomach, usually one of those 2 chakra places is where you “feel” the pain) that’s yearning for a man to love you and yet it always eludes you. Not knowing who you are. Afraid to be alone. Afraid no man will want you which is why you clearly attracted these toxic men. Do you see how NOT investing in yourself is really the cost? This is an investment in Transformation – that’s actually PRICELESS! As is true love which you absolutely deserve because I know you’re worth it👊


Anytime during the first 14 days we offer s full refund, no questions asked. You send me an e-mail to and we will refund you in 24 hours. This is actually a huge risk to me as I share the MOST important concepts in week 1 and week 2. I go to the heart of the problem from day 1! So if you leave after week 2 then you still will have learned so much!! I am 100% whole with you taking this knowledge and leaving The Program at end of week 2… but, I suspect you won’t. And you’ll see why when you join. You see we create a Microverse (not a Universe but a Microverse) of like minded women. You see – you are not alone in this journey to become a Fearless Woman. You are one of MANY. And the energy created in our Microverse will be palpable. You will feel it like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

The Program is 6 weeks long and frankly you won’t even be able to get up from your seat to even pee. You will be riveted because The Program works because it’s all about YOU! It’s about time, right?

Sign up now and get ready for the best ride of your life. You know why it’s the best? It’s because its all about YOU! And you are SO worth it 👑👊❤️🙏 LETTTTSSS GOOOO!


The course is starting on October, 2020, and will last 8 weeks (skipping Thanksgiving week!) with unlimited future access to all pre-recorded course content and the Facebook group!

Yes, there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee! We’re sure this course will be an incredible resource and empowering guide for you. However, we’re happy to refund your purchase if you feel like you’re not getting the value out of it.

You will have the lifetime access to all pre-recorded video lessons + Worksheets and other added Resources, as well as Private Facebook group.

You’ll have unlimited access to our Private Facebook Group! 

No. Zoom lessons are highly sensitive space where program participants share very personal insights. Therefore, we won’t provide recordings for these sessions and you should be available to attend them live.

Yes! While Zoom sessions are very important to work through this course, you will still receive plenty of value if you miss a session or two. We do have pre-recorded online lessons accessible at the time convenient for you + unlimited access to the private Facebook group. 

Got any more questions? Write us to