Here’s what our tribe & Fearless Woman Transformation Program participants has to say!

Revi has a natural gravitas. She has a way to make you feel at ease. Revi is emphatic while simultaneously encouraging and challenging you to find your own answers. Her approach is totally non-judgmental and the sessions are really focused on you and how to rediscover the fearless woman in you!

- Layla Abaza

Revi has taught me how to become an empowered woman. After going through a divorce I found myself in a very bad place. Yet by applying Revi’s concepts and methods, she taught me how to look at myself through a new lens. She taught me that I have the power to dig deep to gain awareness and think in new ways.

- Rivka Sherr

She was like a rocket ship into my soul. She showed me how absolutely amazing and great I am. She showed me to seek evidence in my life that proved that I was smart, that I made money and that I had worth. She showed me how to release anchors in my life that were holding me back. Her energy and passion was addicting.

- Amy

3 months ago I was devastated and recovering from two situations: an abusive relationship followed by a relationship with an unavailable man. In my sadness and pain, I reached out and looked for a support system. This is how I came across the Fearless Woman Tribe and got invigorating, nourishing wisdom from a fearless warrior woman named Revi. I joined the very first FWTP and it was the most intense, hard work on myself I ever did. Deep dive into the root cause of negative believes and search for the inner child, learning to love myself and have a new sense of worth, setting boundaries, and starting to get in touch with my authentic self. All this was possible in the setting of FWTP.

For me two things came together to impact me in a strong, transformative way: the coaching/guiding/training/ role modeling on one side, and, on the other side, the camaraderie, trust, and support from the women in the group. The experience that emerged was unique and liberating for me. I admire Revi’s fearlessness and I learned and continue to learn to allow my own fearlessness into the world. FWTP has been a safe space for healing and looking into the dark, hidden parts of my soul so that ultimately I can see the light and know that I am Worth It. And so are you: Fearless Woman.

I am grateful to have met Revi and to have had the opportunity to learn from her. She is a Woman of Power and Authenticity, undoubtedly focused on helping women recover and restore their Worth. A mission we should all undertake. Thank you Revi!

- Andrea