Fearless Woman Masterclasses

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Dating Masterclass: Dating After Divorce

Are you dealing with life after divorce?

Do you WANT to find a new love but don't know how?

Are you struggling to find the strength within yourself?

Get rid of your limiting beliefs.

I'm here to HELP!

One by one we'll tackle all your fears and limiting beliefs and get you ready to BE YOUR BEST SELF.

Hi, I'm Revi!


I left my husband after 20 years of marriage.

From there, it was a long and painful process of divorce that transformed me into the woman I am today.

I used to be co-dependent and didn't believe in my own worth. Outside I was fearless and brave but as soon as it came to my inner feelings, I was lost and confused. I know how it is to feel absolutely devastated and not know how to move on!

It took me some time but I worked through all of that and now I help and inspire other divorced women to KNOW THEIR WORTH and find their true path.

With these Masterclasses, I want to inspire you to learn your worth and find the love you deserve!

My mission is to INSPIRE & SHOW YOU HOW to get over your limiting beliefs and become a fearless woman.

These Masterclasses will inspire you to move into the powHER of possibility. The powHER of abundance. The powHER of power!! And just from this new perspective – your new lens – a whole new world will open up right in front of your eyes.

You deserve to be happy!

Revi has a natural gravitas. She has a way to make you feel at ease. Revi is emphatic while simultaneously encouraging and challenging you to find your own answers. Her approach is totally non-judgmental and the sessions are really focused on you and how to rediscover the fearless woman in you!

- Layla Abaza

Revi has taught me how to become an empowered woman. After going through a divorce I found myself in a very bad place. Yet by applying Revi’s concepts and methods, she taught me how to look at myself through a new lens. She taught me that I have the power to dig deep to gain awareness and think in new ways.

- Rivka Sherr

She was like a rocket ship into my soul. She showed me how absolutely amazing and great I am. She showed me to seek evidence in my life that proved that I was smart, that I made money and that I had worth. She showed me how to release anchors in my life that were holding me back. Her energy and passion was addicting.

- Amy


Our Masterclasses

Each masterclass tackles a limiting belief you have to deal with to BECOME A FEARLESS WOMAN.

Below, you'll find out currently available masterclasses.


Being Needy vs Having Needs

How to understand the difference beteen being needy and having needs? How to solve the neediness and understand what are the normal human needs to have?