3 Secrets on How to Know Your Worth

3 Secrets on How to Know Your Worth

3 very powerful secrets on how to know your worth… how to know and validate your worth. These secrets are a game-changer!


3 Secrets on How to Know Your Worth


My name is Revi & I’m the creator of TheFearlessWomanTribe.com

In 2015, I made the hardest decision of my life. I decided to leave my husband after a 20 year marriage. I was so scared. I thought I would die without him. I thought I would be homeless and broke. I thought I was a failure. I thought I was helpless and worthless. I was certain no man would ever want me. And I would never find true love. Boy – was I so WRONG!

Today I stand here before you as a transformed woman. I went from the ashes of divorce devastation to be reborn and liberated into the Fearless Woman I am today. I am a woman of worth, a woman with boundaries, a woman who knows my needs and have self met them, and know the difference between wanting a man and needing a man. And trust me ladies, I will never again “need” a man!

Sadly, due to limiting beliefs and unmet emotional needs that stem directly from our childhood, we grow up with these “memories” as our truth into our adulthood and thus attract toxic relationships and marriages that provide evidence of these limiting beliefs and unmet emotional needs. The pattern and cycle continues. How exhausting!

Knowing your WORTH is one of the most important steps to take to transform your life and become the fearless woman you were born to be!

So how to know your worth?!

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Revi Goldwasser, Founder of Fearless Woman




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