It's not what you THINK - it's what you BELIEVE IN

It's not what you THINK - it's what you BELIEVE IN

The quality of your life is not based on what you think. It’s all about what you BELIEVE IN. Learn to build empowering beliefs to live the life of your dreams!


The root of every woman’s issue is the lack of worth.

It is easy to blame the man and feel like you’re only one right and the man is always wrong. But it doesn’t help!

When I started dating after my divorce, I got together with guys that made my ex-husband look like a pussycat and I realized that something is VERY WRONG.

That’s when I went deep into my cacoon phase and started exploring myself.

When you do the work on yourself, you will not only elevate your life to the next level but also start attracting people on a new level as well!


It's not what you THINK - it's what you BELIEVE IN


It’s not what you THINK – it’s what you BELIEVE IN

Never talk down about yourself

In my Fearless Woman Tribe, women often are quick to blame themselves and talk down to themselves. “I was stupid!!” HELL NO.

We’re not playing the blaming game. We’re not devaluating ourselves.

Do not self-sabotage!!

If you are constantly talking down on yourself, you are sabotaging yourself and creating limiting beliefs that simply are not true!

If you keep telling yourself “I am stupid”, “I am not smart enough for this”, “I don’t know how to do it”, “I don’t know how to be alone” – you are creating your own reality!!


Eliminate your limiting beliefs – exchange them with empowering beliefs

The words “I AM ENOUGH!!” are not enough. What you truly need is to BELIEVE IN IT.

Many women have admitted that they stayed in their marriages too long just because of the limiting belief that being alone is way worse.

YES. It is a limiting belief!!

If you’ve been in relationships for possibly more than 10 years, of course, it is scary to think about rebuilding your life and doing it all on your own. It’s scary to stay alone in a room. I understand!!


Once you get to the other end, you start to realize how fulfilling it can be, how much can you learn from the experience, how can you grow through it.

Being alone is the biggest freedom! Now you have the chance to explore who you truly are, who you want to be, what you enjoy.

What other limiting beliefs are engraved in you?

Find proof in your life that these limiting beliefs are not true and start to build your life the way you want to live it!!


Honor your own feelings

Having a FEELING is okay, it is normal. Either you’re crying, being sad or feeling lonely. Honor your feelings and don’t let anyone to poo-poo on your feelings.

You have to recognize and acknowledge those feelings.

We are women! We are created, based on our feelings. Have you ever thought about the magic of giving birth of a child?

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too emotional.

This is crucial! Trust yourself. Don’t be confused by what other people tell you. That is brainwashing!

You can’t contour and twist yourself for anyone who comes your way. What you need to do is to KNOW WHO YOU ARE and stick with that. Therefore, take time to explore your true needs, learn your worth and only then start dating again.

Don’t let others talk down on you or tell you what is wrong or right. You need to know yourself, what works and what doesn’t for YOU.

Remember, it’s not what you think – it’s what you BELIEVE IN.


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