Learn to Trust Your Feelings

Learn to Trust Your Feelings

Women are emotional human beings… But where does it come from and how to embrace these emotions? You’ve got to learn how to trust your feelings!


Many women ask me – should I get a divorce? But I’m not the one who needs to make this decision!

The decision to get a divorce comes when the fear of staying trumps the fear of leaving, the fear of rebuilding everything on your own.

Women are emotional beings, we’re built to bear a kid. We feed our kids and give them oxygen. Women have SO MUCH strength. There is no reason to not trust ourselves.

That gives us this emotional strength, the gut feeling, the intuition that will tell us when we are truly ready. And we need to learn how to listen to it!

Trust yourself! Don’t believe in what other people are telling you. That’s brainwashing!


Learn to Trust Your Feelings


The power of woman emotions

If you are getting divorced, you’re going through a major life transformation. It’s frightening and now you need to rebuild alone. It’s CRAZY!

You have all rights to being emotional. However, there will always be someone who will make you feel bad about it.
“You’re too emotional!”
“Stop crying!!”

But we as women are allowed to be emotional! It’s natural!

Each month our body gets ready to bear a child, it’s in our nature to prepare for this even though we might give birth only to a kid or two.

You know what, I AM A FREAKIN WOMAN! I am emotional. Being emotional makes us women.

When someone tells you to be less emotional or that it’s bad, you say HELL NO. You have all the rights to be emotional.

It is your god-given right to be a Fearless Woman. And if a man can’t deal with that, he’s not the right man for you. If you start changing yourself for a man, it’s not worth it!!


Changing for a man is never worth it!

If you start changing for someone, there comes the exhaustion, you prove that you have lack, that you have limiting beliefs.

Have you ever changed for a man? How did that work for you?

Has changing to accommodate him worked for you?

So what do you do when you realize that you CAN NOT contour yourself for a man?!

It’s easy to blame him but what you really need to do is to understand your own shortcomings, your own mistakes.

Once you take the responsibility, you go into your cacoon and you do the real work. You understand your lack and realize that you need to DO THE WORK.

It comes down to understanding WHY is this happening? Often it comes from our childhood.

You can MAKE THE CHOICE to always feel good, to always matter, to always be seen and heard.

Now, you need to OWN IT. Seek proof to validate your worth. The minute you own it, you become totally transparent and life becomes effortless.


Learn to trust your feelings

Empowering beliefs, empowering emotions will let you fly. Limiting beliefs does not work.

Stop seeing evidence that you can’t trust yourself. Instead, ask yourself this. Did you ever feel like something was wrong in your marriage?

You got yourself into this trouble because you didn’t trust your feelings!

Often we just don’t NOTICE the things that are happening with us. It’s time to start noticing. Learn to trust your feelings!


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