The most important tip for dating after divorce!

The most important tip for dating after divorce!

If I’d have to give you one tip for dating after divorce it would be this: give yourself time to recover!


Dating after divorce is dangerous and here is why!

When I left my husband after a 20-year marriage I thought I would die. I could not get out of bed, I could not eat, I could not function. So what did I do?


The most important tip for dating after divorce!

What EVERYONE does after a divorce or breakup – went straight to all the apps – Tinder, JDate, Match, Bumble, JSwipe, POF and threw myself into the whirlwind of dating and meeting men. And I was out of control honestly. It was bad. I was so emotionally broken, so emotionally depleted, so sad and hurt and craving love so badly, that I would date ANY man that would even talk to me.

And THAT is what’s so dangerous – as ANY man is usually the man that is predatorial and “hunts” broken and vulnerable women. What a lesson learned!

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Revi Goldwasser, Founder of Fearless Woman




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