TIk Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok: What’s the Tik Tok Mania All About?

TIk Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok: What’s the Tik Tok Mania All About?

What’s the Tik Tok Mania All About?


Hello, my Fearless Woman Tribe!

With the recent launch of my Fearless Woman Tribe movement, I have been thrown deep into all of the social digital media platforms. Yet the one that many of you still are probably not even on yet is the newest platform to hit the digital mania wave – Tik Tok.

Towards the end of December 2019, I decided to get on Tik Tok. I had no idea what it entailed and thought, like everyone else, it’s just for kids. Boy – was I wrong!

I’ve been on it now for just over one month and have learned a great deal and my profile is doing well considering I am brand new and also my content is very niche specific and narrow (Divorced Women with Kids who are 35+). Imagine my surprise when just after one month I have:

  • 14.7K Total Likes across all Vids
  • 56 videos in total

In total transparency, there are other accounts with over 200 videos in just a month or two and they have already hit 100K followers. I have noticed those accounts tend to be centered around money, making money, investing money, being a millionaire, etc.

When you are more niche, it may take longer, but I believe longer means around 6 months if not less, to hit 100K followers if not more. In one year, I believe it’s possible to hit 1M Followers if you are consistently uploading content that Tik Tok believes to add value, be creative, consistent, follows their terms and conditions, and is well received by the entire Tik Tok audience. Trust me, in a few weeks you will know what works and what doesn’t.

Bottom line – it’s a wide open net for anyone to go fishing. So let’s all go fishing on Tik Tok!

Since Tik Tok is so new, you have ample more opportunity to be noticed as there is not enough content to go around the hungry consumption of Tik Tok consumers. So get busy creating content!

Let’s dive deep on 3 key takeaways on Tik Tok. Look out for weekly Tik Tok articles from me (so make sure to sign up as a follower to be notified) as there is so very much to learn I just don’t want to overwhelm you on this new topic. So we go slow and steady.


How to start using Tik Tok for your business


What is TIK TOK?

Tik Tok used to be a Musicly App that allowed people to do karaoke like songs to their favorite singers. Then with several buyouts, mergers and changes, they are now owned by a large Chinese company and have renamed and rebranded themselves to Tik Tok.

It is a fun and addictive platform that lets you post any type of videos from as short as 8-15 seconds (recommended at minimum) no more than max of 1 minute. And anyone can do it!

These videos can be anything and everything that you can imagine. It can be funny, hilarious, duets, singing, talking, experts, professionals, dancing, jokes, solid content creator value, poetry, it’s endless! You name it and it can be done.

Tik Tok is different than other platforms as it’s for everyone. It’s not a “lifestyle” type of platform, like Instagram, but rather heavily driven into content that anyone can add and create. All you need is to just show up.

What I love most about Tik Tok is that it easily connects your Tik Tok account to both Instagram and YouTube. I now get many followers into Instagram FROM Tik Tok. This social integration makes Tik Tok one of the most collaborative platforms on the street today.

Although most of Tik Tok users are teenagers (around 40% are aged 14 – 24) the growth in adult content has exploded in the last 18 months. So don’t be fooled by what you hear – Tik Tok will very soon be just as prominent in the adult world as it is in the kid’s world. And we all know that kids grow up to be adults. To be a Tik Tok Pioneer and get on it today.


How to Start on Tik Tok

Just download the app on your phone and open it. What will happen is that it will ask you to create a profile. Your name, your profile name (if you are an influencer of a content creator align is with your other platforms handles).

When I created mine I used my real name, Revi Goldwasser, and my Tik Tok name is @fearlesswoman.co – which is what I use on every other social platform to promote my brand. This is up to you. There are many other users that use generic names, with numbers and lines and letters as they want to be more confidential about their profile. It is totally up to you.

You will have to verify your account, with your phone number, and email and your date of birth. I know the DOB can get people nervous. Use your best judgment and remember that when you open a G Mail account it also asks you for your date of birth. Provide what you want to provide and always be careful with what information you share on where. Be smart about it!

Once you do these few steps – congrats – you have a Tik Tok Account! You are now officially a Tik Tokker!



I also recommend you change your account to a business account from a personal one. It’s under the top right corner three little dots. Click on that and it will take you to privacy and settings menu. From there navigate to type of account and can change it to a business account – it’s just one little click.

Once you change your account to business, you will have an “analytics” menu appear on which provides quantitative data on your profile (men/women ratio, follower growth per day, which videos had the most viewed (if you have 100’s of videos this is a great way to see which videos are doing the best).

My favorite quantitative analytic the provide is the times that your followers are watching your videos over the last 24 hours! This gives you an idea of when your audience is most active. For my account, I noticed I am most active from 7pm to 2 am. Then again from 5 am to around 10am. Then it drops until 7pm again – with the peak for me being 10pm to 1am – that is the highest viewership I get.

From this data, I can determine what time is best to upload my video and of course I want to upload it at the time when most of my followers are most likely to be watching my videos which is at 10pm for me. There is a reason for this also, which I will cover on another blog article.

Other great reason to have a business profile on Tik Tok is that it tells you what “other” videos your followers like to watch and also the sounds/music they like. This helps for your future content creation as you can then integrate those songs they like into your videos to help gain traction, likes, comments, shares and ultimately get your vids to go viral. As viral videos gain you the most followers.

Get your account set up as a business profile with just one click and learn what your audience wants to hear from you. We think one way, but our audience thinks another. I show up for them, so when the video stats show me what works, even though I may have never thought this specific content is what they wanted, the data tells me they need more of this. Great! I am now able to show up even more for my Tik Tok audience and give them what they need – not what I want to give them, but what they want me to give them. Paradigm shift indeed!

Let your audience tell you what they need to hear – that’s how you impact and change the world. My mantra ☺


BONUS TIP: MUSIC on Tik Tok is the Secret for Viral Views and Follower Growth:

Tik Tok Music is the key factor success on Tik Tok in my opinion, and it’s so easy to include in Tik Tok Videos. I strongly recommend to always include music in your videos – whether your videos are all with captions and you are not talking or whether you are talking and include the music in the background. Both work. Videos with no music may do well but Tik Tok is all about music – so use it to help you grow.

If you are talking in your video, Tik Tok’s easy editing features let you control the volume of the music in your background and your voice volume too. I have a few of those types of videos on my Tik Tok handle where I talk in a normal voice and have motivational music in the background and honestly, those Tik Tok Videos have done so well!

As my Followers know, I speak about Divorce, Recovery from Divorce, and Dating after Divorce – not exactly the type of subject you think will do well on Tik Tok, right? WRONG!

One of my videos has hit 71K Views as of February 1st (and I posted it on January 21st).

It has also gotten 5.8K Likes and 468 comments – with very emotional and meaningful comments from my tribe. Who would have thought a Divorce and Dating Video would do well on Tik Tok? Turns out it’s not just for teenagers!! I got so many comments from women saying they were married 10 years, 15 years, 20 years and some even 30 years.

There is your evidence that on Tik Tok many adults ARE on it.



Just start on it today. Download the app and start.

There is still so much I need to share and will do so on the next blog article so make sure to follow me for updates. The next blog article will talk about the 4 stages for viral growth on Tik Tok – a unique algorithm they use. Also other blog articles will include Tik Tok growth strategies I use, and how to decide which music to use, the length of the videos, captions, quality and more!

Tik Tok Tik Tok – the clock is Tikking! So start Tik Tokking!

And remember to always have FUN.


Revi Goldwasser, Founder of Fearless Woman




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