Introduction to Tik Tok feeds and how to use them

Introduction to Tik Tok feeds and how to use them

My first article on Tik Tok might’ve interested you in trying out some new digital marketing strategies on this platform! So let’s move on with another insight on how Tik Tok works: introduction to Tik Tok feeds and how to use them!


Everyone by now has heard of Tik Tok. In fact many have probably downloaded the app but most have not even opened it.

I am here to say loud and clear – get on Tik Tok while it’s still a wide-open terrain.



Tik Tok is one of the hottest social digital platforms to hit the marketplace. With 500 million users (half of Instagram) the growth is expected to be explosive. The growth is not just with kids anymore, it’s across all ages and all over the world.

Tik Tok is all videos from anywhere in length of 8 -15 seconds up to 1 minute. You add captions and music to almost make a small movie. There are numerous types of “Tik Toks” out there – from educational, to funny, to jokes, to singing, to dancing, to pranks, to kids, to learning, etc. It is wide open and everything and anything can be on Tik Tok.

Do be mindful that it is a Chinese owned company. I would follow terms and conditions with the utmost care. Politics and other hot heated subjects, in my opinion, should be avoided. You don’t want to get blocked, taken down or shadow-banned from them. Just use common sense and keep it to content focused on your brand, message, service, business, etc.


Introduction to Tik Tok feeds and how to use them


Introduction to Tik Tok feeds

Tik Tok has two main feeds that you get (under the HOME button). One is Following and the other is For You (also known as For You Page or #fyp).


This feed is the videos and content from the people you follow. Much like Instagram and Facebook anyone you follow you then see their content in your feed. As you add Followers, your data feed will increase. This Following feed is very important though as it is telling Tik Tok what you like. The videos you watch, and replay and comment and like, will let Tik Tok know that this is the type of content you want more of. That’s part of their Algorithm and their Artificial Intelligence that slowly “learns” what type of content to give you.

The question is where does this “new look-alike” content appear?


For You (aka: For You Page)

The For You Page (aka FYP) is the holy grail of where you can get discovered by people who do not follow you. It’s the equivalent of the Discovery Page for Instagram. Bottom line if your content is on the FYP page that means your videos were pushed there by Tik Tok due to reaching certain milestones that Tik Tok requires – but reach those milestones over a few days or maybe even a few hours, then your Tik Tok will be pushed to the FYP page and watch how your account will just take off!

The For Your Page is the feed where your videos can go viral, blow up, and gain massive followers either slowly over months or literally you can go overnight to 1 million views and get 5K Followers at once if not more. It can be that insane and fast, or that slow and steady.

You can always look at other Tik Tok handles and look at their videos and content. You will observe that they may have some videos that had minimal views and others that exploded. So not all videos get pushed to FYP. But what happens once you do his the FYP and someone follows you now your videos will always be shown to them. Also many of them that do Follow you will usually spend some time on your profile and check out your other videos. Cleary they are following you because you connected with them so they will be curious as to your other content. This is why it’s critical to never stop producing content here and to also never delete you old or poorly performing videos (unless you really hate them – I have certainly deleted a fair share myself). But you may have a video that did not do well, and then one month later because another video did well, others will hang out on your profile and view other videos and now with more followers your video that originally did not do well is now taking off.

My account has 3 videos now (I have almost 60 videos but am referring to the 3 videos that have done well for my standards and for my specialized niche of divorced moms). As of today, I am at 60.3K views, 37.2K Views and 74.1K Views across these 3 videos. And they are all no older than 2 weeks.

I have attached a screenshot here for you to see these views of the 3 Videos. And by the time you are reading this blog I am sure they have already gone up. Eventually, it will stop, but for now, my videos are growing steadily (where are some videos explode to 1 million and then just stop).

Because of my slow and steady growth, I am adding 100 – 200 followers per day! So Tik Tok helps build the tribe for you!


Make one Tik Tok Video Today!

Get on Tik Tok today and start uploading content. TIP: Post 5 videos all at once to show Tik Tok what you are an “authority expert” on. From the reading I have done and research the first 5 Videos do mark your account as an authority expert in whatever area you are Tik Tokking about. But, don’t worry, it’s not in cement, if you change the theme and style of your Tik Toks, the Algorithm will pick that up again. It’s all an ever-changing and organic space. So start your Tik Tok today!

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Revi Goldwasser, Founder of Fearless Woman




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