How to stop attracting predatorial men?!

How to stop attracting predatorial men?!

Do you find yourself in toxic relationships, over and over again? How to stop attracting predatorial men?! Learn the problems you must solve before you’ll be ready to be in HEALTHY, loving relationships!


Whatever is your divorce story, there is a concern that a lot of women quickly run to find another man. Because a lot of women, deep down, think that the problem is the guy. And that is not true!

Statistically speaking, the first marriage divorce rate is 50% but the second marriage… it’s 70%!!

We’ve been through the marriage already, we know how it feels like, we know how divorce feels like… So how does it come to it?!

My theory is that women think the problem is the guy. So the minute the divorce is over, women get out there again. Many women get married again within a few months of the breakup!! And THAT is the problem!!


How to stop attracting predatorial men?!


How to stop attracting predatorial men?!

PROBLEM #1: You think the problem is within the guy

If you think the problem is in the guy, it means you haven’t done the real work.

It can also be the guy. Maybe he was an alcoholic or he had other issues. But you must focus on yourself!!!

You must find healthy love. A love that is not compromising you. That is not toxic.

The reason these divorces happen is because you end up with the same guy just like your ex-husband!! And, turns out, YOU haven’t done the inner work. You’re not real and honest.

You must acknowledge that YOU are the problem. Something is wrong!!

Many women get pissed and angry by me saying that. And it just proves that there are so many triggers! And maybe they’re just not ready to go through this transformation.

I believe that each woman deserves the best in their life. YOU deserve to live your best life! But you have to put in the work!!

I work with so many women who keep talking about their husbands, they just keep talking about HIM. Again and again. But what do YOU want?

You have to do the inner work.


PROBLEM #2: Instead of working on ourselves, we latch onto the next guy

But after a divorce is often easier to go to the next man right away. It’s just too hard to work on ourselves!!

Recognize how dysfunctional this is! Instead of figuring out your own issues, you focus on the next guy.

Even if there was dysfunction or cheating in your marriage… you must dig deep for the underlying issue!

Women are quick to blame the guy. But there are RED FLAGS that come up over and over. And if you don’t work on recognizing them, you must work on yourself too.

If you run off to the next men, you’re like a Bamby running with a broken leg and you’re going to attract hyena. You’re vulnerable! You’re not in a healthy place to date. You’re in a place of lack. You’re needy. You need emotional support.


You must be healthy and stable to meet a great man

If you’re dating right away and latch onto the man to fulfill your needs, you will attract a predatorial man! Predatorial man loves a vulnerable woman. A healthy, stable man does not.

If you want to meet a healthy man, you must work on yourself first.

When you heal yourself through feeling the pain, you will be able to move on!

I believe you need to go through 4 seasons of this healing to come to the other side. If you’re interested in doing the work, make sure to check out our Fearless Woman Academy eCourse!


Revi Goldwasser, Founder of Fearless Woman




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