Starting Over After Divorce: Career, Jobs, Money

Starting Over After Divorce: Career, Jobs, Money

Many of us have neglected working, career, money and handed this over to the “husband”. A divorce changes this rapidly and it can be intense. But the world of 2020 and beyond makes working and making money easy. It’s all a mindset and it’s also all about your “relationship” with money.


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Many women spend their whole lives being married and not earning their own money. Don’t beat yourself over that if that’s your case!! If you chose to take care of your family and home, IT’S ALRIGHT! Don’t consider it as a waste of time. 

However, when it comes to making money, don’t make excuses.

“There’s no money to be made…”

“I can’t find a job…”


Well, there are plenty of jobs out there and many ways to make money. There’s ALWAYS a way to make money. 


Starting Over After Divorce: Career, Jobs, Money


Starting over after divorce

The problem is YOU. If you’re at a truly desperate place, then you need to do whatever you need to do to make money.

Either it’s dog sitting, house cleaning or driving cars. 

Example. I have a friend who’s a great cook. She just lost her job and asked people she knows if they’d like premade meals delivered to their place and they said yes! Now, she has around 10 clients to whom she buys the products, prepares and delivers the meals. 

That’s the right attitude!! 

Many women who are divorced, they are so desperate that they run off to marry the next guy. Suddenly, the reason to get into relationships is to get money!!

Like attracts like. If you need a man for money, it’s a place of lack and desperation. It’s a huge problem and you will attract the wrong men.

Yes, you COULD find a great man who WANTS to support you. But you need to learn to support YOURSELF first. 


The Fearless Woman Mindset

Be a go-getter, be a doer. 

Money is everywhere!! It’s for you to take on and grab it. 

This day and age you have NO EXCUSE to not be making money.

Yes, there are plenty of ways to make money and you might not succeed at everything. But you need to get into it and start testing. 

  • Put away your ego. Consider how badly do you really need to make money. AND DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THERE.
  • Change the perspective and understand that MONEY IS EVERYWHERE. And it belongs to you.

When you know in your mind where you need to be, your mind will take you there. 

You know what you know. You know what you don’t know. But you don’t know what you don’t know. 

If you’re having the issues with money or finding a job… It’s alright! But make the decision to change it!! 

You must be hungry for it. 


Learn to focus on yourself

It’s important to understand if YOU earn enough, if YOU’RE happy and fulfilled. It doesn’t matter if someone is earning more. You need to put the focus on YOU. On your goals, your needs, your path.

Learn to RELEASE.

Do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel good.

When you feel good, you’re in control. Swim for the shore! Fight for that money!! 


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Ways to earn money

IDEA #1: Working online

If you’re dedicated and want to create your own business, start working from home.

If you want to be self-employed and do freelance work, you can use Fiverr or Upwork

Go to these platforms and see what could you do! People are offering writing, transcribing, over-voices, gardening, cooking… Maybe somebody needs your help.

Money is not going to come your way right away. But that’s a starting point. 

Don’t focus on the money! Focus on the end goal!


IDEA #2: Getting a job

If you need money – if you really, really need money – you might not have the time to make an online business. Therefore, the solution is to get a job. 

Right now the market is very competitive. You have to be realistic, especially, if you haven’t worked in for a long-time.

My suggestion is to announce this on your Facebook that you’re searching for a job. The job will not come to you. But it’s there! And you need to be telling people about your search.

DON’T BE PICKY! You need to start somewhere and then build from there. 

Learn ALL about finding a job in On Your Marks… Get Set… HIRED! In this online course, I have gathered ALL of my recruitment knowledge from 20+ years in the business.

Do what needs to be done. 


Starting over after divorce can be REALLY hard! But you need to get yourself together and sail ahead.

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