Do You Own Your Power?

Do You Own Your Power?

Hello My Fearless Woman!! Do you own your power??

As we start winding down the Zooms and lives in the open Facebook Tribe (moving all in a few weeks to our Private Members Only Tribe), I wanted to share one of the breakthroughs that happened in this past week’s ZOOM – it was HUGE.

Do You Own Your Power?

A woman just in the very beginning phase of her divorce was sharing how very upset she was with herself for letting her husband take her power. I gently corrected her and asked if he really took it or she allowed him to take it?

She quickly corrected herself and said, “OK Revi, you are right – I gave him my power – I allowed that”. (Nugget: The onus is always on us ladies. That’s the only way we grow).


OK – good! Making progress. Next…

She was hyper-focused on the fact that she “gave something away”. This was something that really upset her so much and made her feel weak and powerless. I could see her pain and anguish. But I also could see something so incredibly empowering and freeing (and she couldn’t of course). I was excited to start my coaching on her and guide her to this new place of revelation and awareness. She has no idea what was about to happen….. such good stuff!!

I probed her further, and asked her to tell me “WHAT’ specifically did she give away to her husband?

She looked at me and there was a good 10 seconds of silence. This silence is critical as this is when you go deep into thought and honestly “transformation”. At first, she said, “that I “gave” it to him? It was my choice?”…

Well, ok, yes she was right (it is a choice by the way), but it was not the a-ha I was looking for her to figure out. You see, this is where the growth happens. Of course, I know the answer, I see it in black and white. But I can’t tell you the answer – because if I tell you, you don’t “work” for the answer and then you won’t grow.

So the answer must come from you. You have earned the answer yourself to learn and grow. Hard to do but so worth it.

I asked her a few more times, in a few different ways….”WHAT did you give away” What is it that you clearly have that you gave away?” WHAT is it? WHAT?

Then, all of a sudden the jackpot hits – she looked at me with big eyes and a HUGE smile and said, “MY POWER! I gave away MY POWER to him; which really means I HAVE THE POWER!”


You could feel the rocket ship take off! For the first time in her whole life she realized that SHE HAS THE POWER – she just simply chose to give it away. But now she will choose to NEVER give it away and keep it all to herself – true MMI! The breakthrough was palpable. Something so small to some, is huge to women like us. YES – WE DO HAVE THE POWER!

She said to me that for her whole life she was searching and searching for this answer… and I gently explained to her that we tend to focus on searching ‘out there’ but the search is actually “in here” (and I pointed to my chest to show that its in us – inside of us – already a part of us).

Own your power: have you given away your power


You were born to be a Fearless Woman!

This IS what my coaching is all about.

This IS what I love to do.

To impact, empower and inspire you to release the Fearless Woman you were born to be. She IS inside of you. But so suppressed that we have to work hard to get her out.

The Program, The Zooms, the LIVES – this is where the magic happens. You finally have found the safe space and intimacy to do just that. SOOOOO GOOD!!

This is what I was so lacking when I left my husband. A space to do all this work as I never wanted to be with a man like my X again and I knew that this had nothing to do with him and everything to do with me. This space is finally here and real and happening!

I am excited to launch my private membership Facebook group. This example that I shared here is what will be happening in the Private group over and over and over again. I have loved doing the ZOOMS and LIVES in the open Facebook Tribe, but I am now ready to transition into something more boutique, niche and intimate for women that are ready to grow, learn, manifest and become the Fearless Woman they were born to be.


The Fearless Woman Private Tribe

In this private group, I am offering: 2 Zooms a Week, 2 LIVES a week, and teaching my Transformation Program over a period of 6 months, where each month we focus on one macro Module Concept (and every week of that month we cover a sub topic related to the monthly module).

  • Month 1: Being Needy
  • Month 2: Fear and Emotions
  • Month 3: Know Your Worth
  • Month 4: The Fearless Woman
  • Month 5: Money
  • …and the best for last… Month 6: Men, Dating, Sex & Love

After these 6 months are done, we go right back to the top and do it again! Rinse, repeat! Rinse, Repeat! Until this new way of MMI is not new at all and in fact becomes an MMI Lifestyle for you – forever! This is a month to month memberhip group and at any time, you can cancel. No contract, no commitments, month to month so you can be free to be you. Joining at the begining is best, but you can also join anytime as these are rolling concepts that all work together yet all work on their own.


The Founding Member Rate

For those who are serious to move forward in their lives: I am offering a Founding Member introductory monthly rate for life for the first 100 women who join. Thereafter the monthly membership will continually go up. Join us now!

Pssst….. I’ll tell you now that the Founding Member membership rate….. is at an introducdtory rate of only $ 47.00 a month – that’s $ 1.55 a day!!! To pay $ 1.55 a day for 2 Zooms, 2 LIVES and instruction of my Program, plust my 20 Videos eCourse on The Fearless Woman Academy is by far the BEST investment you can make right now for yourself!

This is a program by women, for women, about women – it’s about time!! It’s time to own your power!

It’s month to month, cancelable ANYTIME – all you have to do is send me an e-mail to and poof – done. Canceled.

This is just enough of an investment on your part to have you commit to the Program, commit to the Private Tribe, the LIVES, the Zooms, and most importantly, commit to YOUR transformation.

My passion and purpose is to impact and empower you to be a Fearless Woman. Thank you for making my dream come true. I’m the luckiest woman in the world! It’s an absolute honor to coach, empower and inspire you in this next Chapter of your life.

You’re worth it!

Revi Goldwasser, Founder of Fearless Woman




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