Money Mindset Shifts to Make

Money Mindset Shifts to Make

Are you finding yourself in an unhealthy relationship with money? It’s time to make these money mindset shifts!


“I’m scared to look into my bank account!”

Everything is energy. And everything is about vibrations. Our brain is actually a radio station!

Just like a radio station work with different frequencies, so does our brain.
Our brain is one huge electrical impulse. So what you think goes out. And if you ignore that, I’m here to tell you that there’s a reality to that.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to have THE RIGHT MINDSET to attract more money.


6 important money mindset shifts to make


Money Mindset Shifts to Make

TIP #1: Stop being afraid of money

Whatever relationship you have with money, it will control the way money either comes in or goes out of your life.

You need to be aware of your bank account. You can’t be scared and stay away from these problems.

If you’re in minuses and you borrow $100, you turn from paranoid mode to problem-solving.


TIP #2: Be intentional about the way you spend and earn

Did you spend the money on the things you really wanted?

Every single day, you should be checking your bank account. You need to respect every penny, every dollar. You need to say THANK YOU! And be intentional about the money.


TIP #3: It’s important to have a respectful relationship with money!

Money is a necessary commodity, it’s important to have a respectful relationship with it.

You need to treat money just the way you’d treat your partner. Look at your relationship with money just as you’d consider your relationship with humans.

You have to love money, GIVE ATTENTION, nurture, watch it, take care of it.


TIP #4: Don’t get attached to money, get attached to the goal

A while ago, we talked about getting attached to the first guy you meet along the way and how wrong it is.

Now, the same goes for money. Don’t get attached to money! Instead, be attached to the goals and the benefits money gives you.

How will you feel? How your life will be?

What will the money give you?
Success. Security. Freedom. Piece of mind.
How will that feel??


TIP #5: Ditch the excuses

No one will hand you the money just because. Stop begging and hoping. You need to take action!!

If you’re not self-driven, you’re not hungry enough to make the money. And then you need to explore WHY you’re not self-driven enough.

Do what needs to be done. There are plenty of ways to make money but you need to be willing to do the work!!


TIP #6: Be empowered and emboldened by money

Money puts the food on your table, pays for your mortgage.

Do not be intimidated, don’t be afraid.

EDUCATE YOURSELF about money. The more you learn and understand, the more in peace with the money you’ll be.

Here are some educational reads you might find helpful:


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