Learn to date yourself before finding true love

Learn to date yourself before finding true love

Before you dive deep into dating after divorce, you need to, first, learn to date yourself! But many women have no idea of such a concept whatsoever… So what does dating yourself truly mean?!


Wanting great love and loving relationships is NORMAL. You don’t need to go around shouting that you don’t want a man…

The first important thing to dating is the mindset that you’re not LATCHY. You don’t need him to like you.

If you need for him to like you – do you even like yourself? And if you’re unsure of that, you need to, first, truly fall in love with yourself and only then start dating again.


Learn to date yourself before finding true love


Learn to date yourself

You need to be into yourself!! You need to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. You need to be loving the way YOU live. You need to keep yourself entertained and explore yourself.

Many women don’t even know how to date themselves. But you need to know how to be with yourself first before you get back to dating.

When you explore who you truly are, you go into relationships being natural, effortless and easy.

That’s when you can meet a guy who is THE SAME WAY. Natural, effortless, easy.


You need to fulfill your own needs first

When you date from a place of lack, you will attract the same type of guys. I’ve been in both positions and I’ve seen a MAJOR difference.

The biggest key here is to understand that you’re dating to explore. Even if someone doesn’t like you… who cares?! You will move on and find someone else. You don’t need for everyone to like you!!

Everything comes down to beliefs. What you believe in is true. It doesn’t matter what are your actions, what matters are your beliefs.

If you DO things but you don’t BELIEVE IN actually making it happen, you’re just going to be running in circles.

You need to be honest with yourself and work on yourself before you get into dating and finding true love again.

If you learn to date yourself, you will be able to date with a clear mind and find an amazing guy from the place of abundance.

You have to understand that you are sensitive, kind, nurturing, generous, giving. You need to learn what you love, explore your hobbies, understand what you LOVE. EXPLORE.

You can’t do this unless you learn to date yourself and truly dive deep into it.

Hiking, cooking, yoga, religion, health, wellness, dancing, reading… the world is SO interesting! You have to be interested. You have to learn what you love to do.


What can you do today to take yourself on a date? To fall in love with yourself?


Revi Goldwasser, Founder of Fearless Woman




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