Know Your Worth: The Power of Self-Worth

Know Your Worth: The Power of Self-Worth

Many women find themselves in these unhealthy, toxic relationships because of worth. Learn to know your worth and learn the power of self-worth!


I went through a divorce after a 20-year marriage and I realized that there’s NO SUPPORT. There are plenty of programs for a divorced women but in many, you don’t get the dialogue. But the dialogue is SO EMPOWERING!

So here I am today. 

My other frustration – women get stuck in unhealthy relationships because they LACK SELF-WORTH.

And the funny thing about worth is that you can be successful in any field – you can be a successful doctor, have your own business, make lots of money – in the external world you’re strong and you’re dynamite! But internally, in the four walls of the home, you’re a different woman. 

That’s what I discovered in my own life. Whenever I went out, I was loud, powerful, brave. When I came home, I was a frightened, weak, scared woman. All of that is a limiting belief and is not true! But that was happening because I was walking on the eggshells around my husband. 

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, it’s time to KNOW YOUR WORTH and learn all about the power of self-worth.


Know Your Worth: The Power of Self-Worth


The power of the tribe

Years ago I found a local divorce support group where we were able to go and talk in an open space. And that’s an incredible experience because 

  • It’s empowering to hear everybody’s stories.

That’s why The Fearless Woman Tribe was created!

There is no shame in getting a divorce. It can be a truly great and empowering experience! Because it takes a lot of balls for a woman to get out of it.

Women CAN cope without a man.

The point is, we have a lot of courage to be our own person. 

Many women would think they can’t but that’s just a limiting belief.

We are feminine and feminist.

And that’s something I want to insist upon! Every woman CAN make it without a man. 

We have too many choices upon us. To have a boyfriend or not. To remarry or not. At the end of the day, we can make it without a man. 

Think about the time you were married. Of course, you married someone you loved. But was it all that great? Not everything was bad but there wasn’t consistent support either. We’re absolutely capable of making it!! WE ARE FEARLESS WOMAN.

Know Your Worth: The Power of Self-Worth

Start recognizing it is about YOU

Many women ask HOW???

You need to recognize your power. You might think that the only reason you made it was because of your man but that is not true!


It’s never too late for you to embrace the fearless woman you truly are.

You have a God’s given right

  • to be happy
  • to be free
  • independent
  • be in peace
  • be in love and give love


Change your mindset 

Divorce is not the end, divorce is the second chance of life!!

You need to stop following society rules. You need to do what feels right FOR YOU. When you don’t care what other people think about you, THAT’S A FEARLESS WOMAN MINDSET. 

You might think that caring about other thoughts will make you happy but no one else will ever know what’s best for you. Are the in your marriage? Are they sleeping in the bed with you?

When you care too much about others, you die a slow death.


You need to make a decision and let those limiting beliefs GO. 

You make it about you. Because when you’re happy and living your life, you’re truly free.


Learn your worth

How do you get to the point where you don’t care what people think?


When your sense of worth is more important than what they think, then you’re able to release that hold they have on you.

There might be situations where relationships with friends and family get impacted. But you need to make the decision. 

  • How much happiness is worth to you?
  • How much is your peace worth to you?

We have needs. And my need was peace. My ex raddled me. It never daunted on me that I could leave him!

We have to be courageous enough and decide – whose happiness do you care about more?? 

IT WILL TAKE TIME. It’s a process. Some women can’t leave. And it’s okay. If you’ve made your peace with it, it’s fine. 


Divorce doesn’t mean starting from zero

Many divorced women say “I’m starting from zero….” 


You’re so much smarter and more intelligent, educated, knowledgable, selective, empowered, asserted, confident. 

Don’t talk badly about yourself!! Instead, find support and encouragement and learn your self-worth. 


Learn to notice your fears

If you’re scared to live your own life, you need to understand what holds you down. Break down these fears one by one and understand the reason behind them. 

What are you afraid of? Is it a lack of money? Will your family disown you?

This is your journey. You’re decisions to make. 

As long as YOUR DECISIONS MAKE YOU HAPPY, everything goes. 


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