Introducing The Fearless Woman Tribe: Private access to Coaching, Q&A & The Fearless Woman Academy

Introducing The Fearless Woman Tribe: Private access to Coaching, Q&A & The Fearless Woman Academy

Introducing The Fearless Woman Tribe: Private access to Coaching, Q&A & The Fearless Woman Academy!


​Change… It’s powerful yet so scary. But I know one thing, treat it with respect and treat it with invigoration and passion, then it will only take you to new heights.

Change is needed to transform you. Change is needed in your patterns, your behaviours. your reactions, your triggers. Changing all this is the only way you can grow, to have peace, freedom, happiness, independence and love.

There is a famous saying…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

That IS insane!

The way to get different results, the results YOU want for your tomorrow is to CHANGE what you are doing today. Scary? Heck ya! Have any idea how to change? Probably not! But that’s ok because I do know. I was in your shoes. Scared to leave my husband, didn’t think I could survive without a man; during the divorce the fighting and unknown left me depleted and exhausted; then when it was over, how to date, meet men, start over? The whole thing was too much and I collapsed. I soooooo get you – I get every single stage you are in as I was there too. And guess what – I am now totally on the other side, secure, abundant and in a thriving relationship with a man that is the wind in my back (and not the noose around my neck).

YES – these men DO exist. Most women think that it’s the man that has to change…. incorrect. What has to change is you. You see, when we change, then we see different types of men. That’s how it works.

I am living proof of this very concept. If you want to learn how I did this.. then keep reading!


Introducing The Fearless Woman Tribe

The Fearless Woman Tribe is going through a CHANGE. It’s not easy, and it’s scary, but what I DO know is that my gut and my heart is committed and almost PUSHING me to do this. My mind is giving me a million negative thoughts, but my heart and gut says REVI, YOU CAN and YOU WILL. Of course, I can and, of course, I will. There IS no other option after all! That is the Fearless Woman Mantra right!?

This is HOW we change. The Fearless Woman Tribe and The Fearless Woman Transforamation Program is going to merge. Instead of making these two SEPARATE parts, I am creating a force to be reckoned with. ONE powerful movement. As it should be. Finally, the answer is clear. The mission is clear. The path is clear. The impact is clear.

More updates will be coming to you in the next few weeks., but here is a hint – keep the MMI coupon code as it will be very handy!

The Fearless Woman Transformation Program will become not just a PROGRAM – it will become a LIFESTYLE – the Fearless Woman Lifestyle. With 8 zooms a month, 8 LIVES a month, daily discussion posts that are riveting and thought provoking and the eCourse – all in ONE very powerful place and with one very powerful mission – to CHANGE YOUR LIFE TODAY so the Fearless Woman you were born to be can finally be free to just BE! How delish is that!

Change – like I said – is scary as all hell; but it’s the only thing that can truly transform you into the Fearless Woman you want to be. Take the leap of faith with me and we’ll ride the journey together. . It will change your life. You know why? Because you are worth it!

PS: The Oct 5th Launch of the Program is now canceled as we are completely changing the entire set up of the Facebook Private Group. We will relaunch it in the next few weeks, but in a whole new way that EVERY SINGLE FEARLESS WOMAN can join.

CHANGE is not only good for you – it’s exactly what you need. Your future depends on it.

Stay close xoxo

Revi Goldwasser, Founder of Fearless Woman




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