Finding True Love After Divorce

Finding True Love After Divorce

Most of the marriages end because the love is not there anymore. Let’s discuss finding true love after divorce: is it possible?!


The emphasis of marriage is LOVE. Love is what makes the world go round. I’m a strong believer of love! Love is understanding. And we all need and want love. We are entitled to have it, to give and to receive it!

However, after divorce, we feel so broken. Does love really exist?!


Finding True Love After Divorce


Finding True Love After Divorce

Be aware of your vulnerabilities

After I left my husband, I was SO thirsty for love. And it showed. I was so for love that I was eager to take any form of love from a man. And that’s exactly what’s dangerous about dating after divorce!

If you do start dating, be careful and mindful about it. But keep in mind your vulnerabilities!

We are so starved for love that deep down we have engraved within ourselves this belief system that we DON’T DESERVE IT!

“I’m strong!”
“I make my own money!”
“I’m a doer!”

And yet, despite it all, I met a man that made my husband look like a pussycat. And I accepted him!

Despite everything I told myself, I was grasping love.

And these toxic men can smell a desparate woman. Any woman who is not doing the WORK to improve herself first will, most likely, will fall into this trap and repeat the same pattern.

Dating all these horrible men made me realize that the problem is within me.

The second marriage divorce rate is 75%! The first marriage it’s 50%. That’s a RED FLAG!!

Before jumping in the next relationship or even getting married, you need to face the demon of sleeping in the king-size bed alone and being all on your own.

It was so easy to get to me. Any new men who came along and told his story was worth a try.

But you can not latch on a man for emotional intimacy. You can’t run to everyone who comes along!

Your state of confusion and overwhelm does not go along with healthy relationships. You need to recognize that.


What does a woman want from relationships?

To be heard! A man who says women shouldn’t be emotional is a no-go! Women are emotional beings and we need a man who embraces this. If you feel upset, you need a man who comes with a glass of wine.

We seek a man who complements us, not completes us.

We want to be seen and noticed.

When a man comes with support and validates your feelings, you can start feeling safe and recognized.

These things is one of the reasons why people end up breaking up!

Such things work as red flags.

If a man has cheated before… If he doesn’t listen or doesn’t recognize your feelings… Don’t accept these crumbs!

A woman who accepts crumbs is validating her limiting belief that she is not worth it. And even though you might think you’re wrong, you still do it.

To rebuild your life, you must be completely selfish!


Mindset Shift: There are good men out there!

There are SO MANY good men out there. You don’t have to settle for less. If you believe you are a good person, you will be able to find a good man out there!

The problem is, many of us don’t believe it. But it’s not true!

You must go to the root of the WHY. Why are these things happening to you? Why can’t you find a good man? Because you don’t believe you should! Start focusing on MMI – Me, Myself & I!

If you’re ready to work on this, join our Fearless Woman Transformation Program and we’ll work through your limiting beliefs together!!

One of the women in the program said she has found an AMAZING man. Turns out, she has learned to communicate her own needs and she asks for the man to meet her needs!

We’re talking about basic needs! Validation, nurturing, care.


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