The first step to finding the perfect man

The first step to finding the perfect man

Ever wonder HOW to find a man that is TRULY worth your time?! Here’s the first step to finding the perfect man and starting healthy, nurturing and HAPPY relationships.


Do you sometimes feel like your life is running in circles from one unhappy relationship to another?

Do you attract predatorial men? Or men who are just simply not that into you

Do you keep wondering how do other women have found healthy, happy relationship?!


The first step to finding the perfect man

The key is simple – you have to fall in love with yourself first!

When you do this, the men will line up at the door.

Do you know why? Because you will no longer be needy and vulnerable and weak.

Instead, you will be stronger and wiser and grounded. And that’s how you attract a man. From a point of abundance and security.

When you do this hard work, I promise, you will meet your soul mate.  He will naturally come to you as you will be ready for him.

Until then, fall madly in love with yourself.

YOU ARE AMAZING and this hard work and difficult time in your life will pass. I promise.


The first step to finding the perfect man


Take time to focus on yourself and your kids

Instead of getting obsessed with finding the perfect man, learn to date yourself and truly explore your own interests!!

Relearn who you are as a woman, what you love, what you don’t love, what you want from your life.

I suggest do a VENN diagram with your name in the middle and a circle around your name and then and draw lines all around your name to discover who you are. I did that right after my divorce and discovered so many things about myself that I totally forgot about.

This is the time to HEAL yourself and to FALL IN LOVE with yourself! Do this small homework of a VENN diagram to relearn who you are today as a woman. And then go do ONE thing on that VENN diagram that you love to do that you have neglected.

For me, it was dancing! I love to dance so I joined The Fred Astaire Dance Group and learned how to salsa, and bachata, and Tango and even Waltz! I LOVED IT!

And your kids! Your kids are also suffering. Your kids are also dealing with this pain and collateral damage of their world falling apart. Please do not forget that they too are going through this.

They don’t want their mom and dad to be divorced. So show up for them. Give them the love and security and foundation to remind that that this is not about them and they are not at fault. And love and nurture your kids. Take THEM to the movies, take THEM to dinner, take THEM bowling, make THEM a nice steak dinner. See what I mean?

If you do this hard work in the first year, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, the man you will attract one year post-divorce will be a VERY different man to the one you would attract right after your divorce.

One year is the magic time to truly recover from this acute pain – this trauma of an end of an identity, an end of a family unit, and end of what was and work on creating a new unit, a new family, and a new you.


You WILL find the perfect relationship and have a healthy, nurturing boyfriend when you will be truly ready to put your best self out there. But, first, find who that “best self” really is!


Revi Goldwasser, Founder of Fearless Woman




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