Finding a Job After Divorce: Job Hunting Tips

Finding a Job After Divorce: Job Hunting Tips

Did getting divorced leave you broke? Finding a job after divorce can be quite a challenge! Learn Job Hunting Tips and Secrets from 6 Figure Recruiter.


You’ve been married for 15 years, you haven’t worked since you had your kids 10 years ago, and now with the Divorce upon you, you are realizing that in order to make ends meet you are going to need a Job.

A Job?

You haven’t interviewed in years! You don’t even know how to write a Resume! You don’t even know where to find a Job!

Where to begin!!!

Here are 2 Job Hunting Tips to get the process started!


Finding a Job After Divorce: Job Hunting Tips


Finding a Job After Divorce: Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting Tip #1: RESUME

Don’t even start thinking about finding a job until you have a Resume.

If you happen to have your old one somewhere grate, if not, that’s ok because all we have to do is write out what you have been doing. Even if you have taken time off from work over the last 10 years, you can write on your resume under EXPERIENCE:

From Jan 2010 to Jan 2020: Homemaker – stayed home to raise my two children, ages 7 and 10. Handled all aspects of the busy home including scheduling all sports activities, school volunteer events, fundraising activities.

There is nothing wrong with being a homemaker – you should be very proud of the time you have been allotted to be home with your kids to raise them. So just take a deep breath – there are many grown-ups in the world that get it and will absolutely still want to interview and hire you for their jobs.

It may not be the job at Facebook working 80 hours a week in programming, so you do need to be realistic at the TYPS of jobs for which you will qualify for. But with the economy at the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years I can assure you that you can and you will find a job. You just have to be open-minded.

You can click HERE to get a FREE resume sample to use as a template. I personally still run my own recruitment firm, Wall Street Personnel, so I am sharing with you the exact resume template that works for employers to easily and quickly read your resume and call you in for an interview.


Job Hunting Tip #2: LINKEDIN

LinkedIn is a powerhouse when it comes to anything and everything to do with the job market and the professional world. It is easy to have a profile – just go to LinkedIn, open a profile and start filling in the blanks. The Systems walks you through each of the parts of their online profile. You can also pop onto YouTube and watch many of the videos that talk about LinkedIn.

My biggest advice for LinkedIn is to make sure it’s consistent with your Resume. And as a HEADLINE make sure you write on there “actively in the job market” so people who you know or see your profile will know you are available.

What I also like about LinkedIn is that you can connect with people, comment and post on their articles to gain some awareness about you; also, it is very easy to apply for jobs ON LinkedIn. It is not onl a professional online directory, but it is also a Job Posting platform. So you can apply to jobs with a “ONE CLICK LINKEDIN apply” button – and just like that, your profile is with the potential employer.

Again, I stress, focus on applying for jobs that will fit your resume and lifestyle. To go after a Programmer Job in San Francisco when you live in Miami will not make any sense.

Value your time when you apply for jobs – don’t just throw darts – be strategic in the jobs you apply.


Finding a Job After Divorce: Job Hunting Tips



With a LinkedIn Profile and a Resume, you are now ready to apply to jobs. My favorite two places to apply for jobs are with and with

Both of these platforms provide a vast array of job openings and the great part about Zip Recruiter is that it uses artificial intelligence that it will set up auto job alerts that are in a direct line to what you are looking for.

Not only can you apply to jobs on these two robust platforms you can also upload your resume into their database, and have employers and recruiters find you on this system. This is something I strongly suggest you do as well – as now not only are you looking for jobs but now employers may be looking for you.

To help you write your resume, I have an Amazon eBook with 500 Resume rich words to use for your resume for only $ 2.99.

Be fearless in your pursuit of finding a job after divorce – and most importantly be open-minded. The world today has changed. Just start the process, write your resume, upload it to Indeed and ZipRecruiter, get my E-book and start transforming your life TODAY.


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