3 Tips on How To Find a Job in 2020 using LinkedIn

3 Tips on How To Find a Job in 2020 using LinkedIn

Are you struggling to find a job in 2020? Here are 3 tips on how to find a job using LinkedIn: revealed from 6-figure Wall Street recruiter.


Running my busy niche recruitment firm, Wall Street Personnel, since 2000, and having worked with the toughest employers on the market, I know a few things about what employers want and don’t want when it comes to hiring you. There are ways of getting noticed and getting hired and there is one tool that is an absolute game-changer on job hunting and that’s LinkedIn. It is the most powerful tool on the marketplace today is LinkedIn.

I use this platform on a daily basis in my recruitment business as it’s the easiest way to find a job, get noticed and get connected to the right people.

Let’s dive deep into 3 tips you can immediately apply to help you find a job in 2020.


How to find a new job in 2020 with LinkedIn


Tip#1 On How To Find a Job in 2020. LinkedIn Headline has to say this: Looking for Job Opportunities

On the headline (there is a section for this on LinkedIn where you edit) you need to write: Looking for Job Opportunities! Employers, recruiters or maybe even just colleagues see your headline, and now they will see you are looking for a job.

Most people on LinkedIn are NOT looking for a job – they just have a professional directory listing online. So don’t assume just because you are on LinkedIn people will think you are looking for a job. That is not true. Make sure on your headline says – Looking for Job Opportunities. It becomes very eye-catching and will help you get noticed by people who are looking to hire or maybe friends who did not know you were looking and now will!


Tip#2 on How To Find a Job in 2020: Pay for a Monthly Service with LinkedIn – PREMIUM CAREER

LinkedIn offers several options for paid subscriptions and the subscription that makes the most sense for job seekers is called Career Premium.

It costs around $ 30 a month and it’s a month to month. It does push you to do the annual subscription, yet even though you save money with an annual plan, what if after 4 months you decide you don’t need it – then you can’t get your money back! So rather have the option to cancel anytime and thus I recommend you stick with the month to month membership.

The Career Premium Plan allows you to send InMails, Receive InMails, get more visibility, and it’s just a more robust way to find a job and be noticed. The best part is that it gives you the big IN in yellow which is eye-catching and also lets recruiters and employers know you are looking to network and most likely find a job.

The best part of the Career Premium plan is they give you the first month for FREE! So you can test it out to see if you like it. Go to LinkedIn.com site and type in “Career Premium Services for Job Seekers” and learn more. I strongly recommend you use this for your job search.


Tip #3 on How To Find a Job in 2020: Like and Comment on Posts!

It’s the same as all social media content in today’s digital age. If you want to be noticed, spend around 15-30 minutes a day reading all the posts and articles on LinkedIn and then either reply to someone’s comment or make your own comment. This is very powerful as now you get visibility on the author’s feed! And their community!

For example, if the person who wrote the article has 100K followers and then you make a comment on his post – guess what – all those 100K followers will see YOUR comment. This is a great way to get access to new followers that are in the same space as you and how you organically start growing your community. Often when I comment on other people’s posts, I then get around 10 new requests from people to join my network.

Another idea is for you to write your OWN post. The key here is you do need to have a following of our own, so make sure to constantly add and invite people to your network. LinkedIn can automatically import all your contacts from your phone and/or e-mail list if you want. If you don’t want that, then you can just start searching for people and invite them. It’s very common for people to just accept the invites as we are all looking to build our network so as long as you are like-minded then 9 times out of 10 anyone you reach out to join their network will accept.

Now that you have a following of let’s say 50 to 100 to start (you may have more – I personally have around 15K but have seen some with 1 million!) then write a post. It can’t be more than 1300 characters, but that’s a pretty meaty post, and then you hit publish and voila – it’s on your feed. Followers on your feed see your post and they too can like, comment and maybe even share your post on their feed! And so the community grows.


How to find a new job in 2020 with LinkedIn


LinkedIn – the Secret Weapon on How To Find a Job in 2020

If you are in the job market, then you must use LinkedIn. It’s Facebook for Career and Jobs.

Make it a daily habit and spend at least 1 to 2 hours a day on LinkedIn (replace your Facebook perusal to that of LinkedIn). Consistent content, networking on posts, comments, likes and shares, create a robust profile, write on your headline “Looking for Job Opportunities”, and use the Career Premium feature on LinkedIn (month to month not annual) and you will be well on your way to finding a great job in 2020.

BONUS: Connect with me on LinkedIn! Just do a search for Revi Goldwasser and write a small note when you connect (LinkedIn has a feature to write a short note but this is only on a desktop not on your phone so use this!) and let me know in the note that you read my blog and you want to connect with me!


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