The Difference Between Male and Female Archetypes

The Difference Between Male and Female Archetypes

There’s a powerful difference between male and female archetypes and it truly explains the power of a woman! Do you wander what it is? Read on!


A while ago I did a Tony Robbins challenge which was very eye-opening and transformational, that man truly is a leader when it comes to personal development.

One of the things he brought up was the archetypes. As he was talking about it, something felt incomplete for me. So I did a bit of my own research later and explored that women and men actually have a different set of archetypes.

See, Tony Robbins talked only about male archetypes: king, lover, magician, warrior. And not all of them feel quite right for a woman… For example, while a woman can be a warrior, in my opinion, it doesn’t really feel that natural. And which woman wants to be the king?!

Here’s what I explored in my own research.


The Difference Between Male and Female Archetypes


The Difference Between Male and Female Archetypes

So after exploring more, I learned that women actually have SEVEN archetypes instead of men’s four! And even the base ones are different.

Women archetypes:

  • Queen
  • Lover
  • Myistic
  • Huntress
  • Maiden
  • Wisdom Woman
  • Mother

Let’s look into the differences between these two lists!


Queen vs King

Queen matches the King.

Lover vs Lover

Lover shows our loving side, our NEED to love and be loved. And, once again, these work for both – men and women.

Mystic vs Magician

“Magician” sounds TRICKY. Instead, a woman is a mystic. How different is that?! Women create life, we’re mystics. It explains absolutely everything! We are the source! What we CAN do with our bodies truly is magnificent and we need to acknowledge this part within ourselves.


Instead of a warrior, we have a huntress. We will fight if we must, we will fight to take care of our family. We will! But only if we must! Women are not born warriors, we don’t want to fight. Instead, the huntress takes care of the family, feeds it, finds the necessary resources. Sounds a lot more like a woman!


We’re going into the list that men don’t even have! What is a maiden? Maiden is our young, naive side. A princess who wants a man, family, happiness. The innocence. Own it! This makes you a woman! And, at the end of the day, we all want that loving, nice family!

Wisdom Woman

YES. We are SMART! You know, it took me almost my whole life to realize that I AM SMART! Talk about limiting beliefs!! But we, as women, truly are smart.


Women are born to be mothers. And notice how there is no father for male archertypes. We are natural mothers, we give, we create life. This creates a need within us to RESCUE, save, help. To almost be co-dependent. Instead, be the mother to yourself: nurture, love and take care of yourself first!


See, transformation is when you get to have a love affair with yourself, you get to be curious and interested in your mind, body, soul & feelings. The right man will LOVE that about you! This attraction and energy.

And to get there, you truly need to explore these archetypes within you.


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