3 Fearless Woman Mantras to Live By

3 Fearless Woman Mantras to Live By

The reason women find themselves in bad relationships is WORTH. So 2021 is all about having and building your own worth. Learn my 3 Fearless Woman Mantras to live by!


3 Fearless Woman Mantras to Live By


Fearless Woman Mantras

FEARLESS WOMAN MATRA #1: In order to have worth, you must put yourself first

What happens with women who have lack and deficiency is that we think that by putting other people’s feelings first, they’ll be so grateful & thankful that it will build our worth. But it’s coming from the wrong place!

You’re seeking OTHER PEOPLE’S validation instead of your own.

When you have an empty hole inside of you, you can not fill that hole by asking it from someone else. You must do it on your own!

If you come back from work and you’re tired, and someone asks you to take them to the airport, don’t spiral into thinking how bad they’ll feel if you’ll say no. Instead, focus on yourself.

How do you feel about it? What decision feels good?

It has happened to me! I took them to the airport and I had no time to make food for my kids. I am saving those other people instead of myself! Why?! Just to wait for them to say “Thank you!” so I can feel good about it?!

This is the first step you must take to improve your worth! Your feelings come before others. What serves you, comes before others!!

I’m not talking about getting aggressive or being obnoxious. If I say no, it’s not a big deal! When you say no to them, you put yourself first.

Many women feel uncomfortable putting themselves first! But it’s what you have to do. If you feel like it’s weird, it’s what you must practice!!

The more you do it, the easier it will be. And the more effortless it will be, the more you’ll start recognizing your own worth.

You are here probably BECAUSE you’ve been putting everyone else first!

In your world, you are the most important person.

A woman like you who’s listening to my podcast, you’re kind and giving, you go by feelings & emotions, you deeply care. But you also become exhausted! Because you’re giving from a place of lack.

Turn that around by putting yourself first.


FEARLESS WOMAN MANTRA #2: You can’t be afraid to be alone

So many women will be in bad relationships because they’re afraid that person will leave them if they’ll stand up for them. And the fear of being alone is so great that it paralyzes you.

We tend to attract toxic people. But you’re showing up from the point of lack, therefore, repelling what you really need.

If you are dealing with this right now, make sure to join our Facebook Tribe! You’ll see how much POWER there is in women like you!!

Once you will learn to be alone, you’ll realize how amazing it is.

When there’s silence, you can, for the first time, be you, do you, discover you and fall in love with yourself.

Besides that, once you’ll learn how to be alone, you’ll realize that all the bad, toxic people will leave for good! You don’t want these people in your life! The only way how you can cut them out is by standing up for yourself and learning your own worth.

Their leaving is not a bad thing. Great things come from being alone!!


MANTRA #3: You have to make the commitment that you’ll never again negotiate or compromise your feelings in order to be with a man

The minute you make the decision that you’re not afraid to be alone, you will be able to do this third one as well!

You will learn how to say “This doesn’t serve me! I need to let go!”

Either it’s being with a verbally or emotionally abusive man, or being cheated on. No matter your situation, you will learn your worth and become bigger and better from this!


The journey of life is about YOU. These mantras should stay with you along the way. This must be your forever goal!


Revi Goldwasser, Founder of Fearless Woman




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