Dating with an abundant mindset

Dating with an abundant mindset

Dating with an abundant mindset will lead your way and show you how you can find GREAT MAN and true love. You’re worth it and it IS possible!


Getting a divorce is all about love. At the end of the day, if the relationship doesn’t work, if you’re feeling lonely, you WANT to find fulfilling, loving relationships.

After all the abuse you might have experienced within your relationships, either it’s verbal or emotional, the divorce happens because we want love.

A lot of us got married before dating apps came around, we didn’t have these opportunities back in the day. These days, it’s like fishing. We throw in the net, we pull in the fish and we need to see, what’s in there.

When I started dating, I started looking at it as a recruiter. First, you get a bunch of candidates and later you start to see which one is the best fit.


It’s not about the guy, it’s about the why!!

Someone in our group Zoom said “I really hope he’ll like me” and it’s coming from a place of lack!!

You’re giving your power of you as a woman to a guy, hoping that he will like you…


First, you say “I hope I like him!!”, “I wonder if I’ll like him…”, “I wonder if today is going to be a waste of time for me…”


Dating with an abundant mindset


How to start dating with an abundant mindset?

First of all, you’ve already been married. You might already have kids. Maybe you’ve been in long-term relationships…

Wanting great love and loving relationships is NORMAL. You don’t need to go around shouting that you don’t want a man…

The first important thing to dating is the mindset that you’re not LATCHY. You don’t need him to like you.

If you need for him to like you – do you even like yourself?


You need to date yourself first

You need to be into yourself!! You need to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. You need to be loving the way YOU live. You need to keep yourself entertained and explore yourself.

Many women don’t even know how to date themselves. But you need to know how to be with yourself first before you get back to dating.

To date from the point of abundance, you have to be absolutely okay with being alone! You can’t find a good guy if you’re being latchy.


Recognize that your life is finite

You have to be whole with the fact that life is finite. When you get a grasp of it, you start living your life. A lot of people don’t like to go there. But you have to!

That is where the sense of urgency to LIVE YOUR LIFE comes in.

When you have a sense of this, you will start to realize that you can truly live your best life and meet a great man as well. You will!

Having that grounded feeling will help you to show up in the world in a way that you truly are. Then, there is NO FEAR.


Find evidence that there are good men

Observe your friends who are still married and see how they are doing in their relationships. Notice that there ARE good men out there.

Many of us have a firm believe that good men don’t exist. And if you have this limiting belief, you will keep meeting these bad samples…

Reprogram your mind and understand that good men DO exist. Find evidence for that and make sure to follow that route.

Often this comes from our childhood, then later it grows into our marriages… And if you don’t deal with it, you’re going to get in there AGAIN. The same toxic, unhappy marriage.

The case increases if you get married soon after your divorce. Dating is okay. But don’t go to moving in or getting married as soon as possible. This is the danger zone!

It’s a work in progress but you have to, first, stabilize. Then you have to get secure.


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