How to be happy alone?

How to be happy alone?

Your life will change the moment you will learn how to be happy alone. Here are some crucial mindset shifts you need to go through to stop being afraid of being single!


When I came to terms with being okay with being happy alone, my whole life changed.

Most of us are afraid of being alone and being left without any money, we’re afraid of not being able to be alone!

We all deserve to have a man, being in relationships. But in order to be truly free and to attract that, you have to be okay with being alone. You have to learn to be happy alone!

When you come to terms with being alone, that is how you can be truly free, dating, having fun, experiment and explore who you truly are. That’s when you can learn your own worth, set boundaries, grow as a person.

When we have to adjust to a man, we are not natural. When we’re not natural, we have fears that make us deficient. That leads us to unhappy relationships and we’re in the vicious cycle again.

The right partner will not complete you, they will COMPLEMENT you.


How to be happy alone?


Take care of your own needs

This often comes from our childhood, if there has been chaos and drama. If certain needs are not met when we were kids, we are not lacking them as adults. And the true challenge here is to recognize these needs and learn to meet them ALL ON YOUR OWN.

You need to learn how to take care of your shelter, money, community. You need to figure it all out for yourself.

Dating and finding love is OKAY. But before you go there, you need to learn how to be on your own. You have to learn how to love yourself first.


How to be happy alone?

I used to be so afraid of being alone! I used to avoid sleeping in my King size bed! I was freaking out. I’d fall asleep crying. My fear of being alone was crazy!

But after being alone for 8 months, I realized that there are way too many worse things than that…

See, we think that being alone is the worst thing in the world because we create this drama in our minds. When, in reality, it just isn’t true!

You CAN be happy alone! And, the truth is, many of us were alone and being lonely in our marriages as well…

Being alone is a physical element. There’s a part of being ALONE and being LONELY. And you can be lonely in your relationships as well.

Even if you have the money, you have the job and you might be able to leave your toxic relationships, it’s still possible that you are afraid of being alone and, therefore, can’t leave.

But, the truth is, you can. And don’t blame the money. You CAN figure it all out! You’re a grown woman with a head on your shoulders. You can find a way. Stop making excuses!

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