How to attract healthy relationships?

How to attract healthy relationships?

Are you tired of attracting predatorial men and living in toxic relationships? Are you tired of trying to change, fix and rescue him? Here will be some tips on how to attract healthy relationships!


What will you never allow to happen again in your life?

For any major transformation in your life and relationships, you need to make this decision on what will you never allow to happen in your life again?


When I decide that this is no longer acceptable, that’s when it stops.

HE is not changing. You can’t fix him, rescue him, save him, change him, control him. It can’t happen.

But you can fix, rescue, save, change, control YOURSELF.

Some of the answers we got on this question–

“Tolerate BS”

“No one will talk down to me again!”

“I will never allow anyone to make me doubt myself”

“I will never be treated or spoken to like I’m a child”

All of this is ABUSE.

When you make such a decision – to never allow it again – it goes beyond your relationships. It’s a decision for life.

You will find that many of these things have happened beyond your relationships. And now, you are empowering the change in your life too.


How to attract healthy relationships?


How to attract healthy relationships?

It all comes down to being a woman of worth.

A part of it is NEVER AGAIN.

What happens when we stand up for ourselves, we fear that we will lose him. But it kind of happens anyway and then you realize – you’ve compromised yourself through your whole relationship! And it still didn’t work!

When we start working those boundaries for ourselves, we then attract a man who will honor that.

If you are compromising and suppressing who you are as a human, that is NOT a natural relationship.

When you are in healthy relationships, they should be effortless. Of course, there is still work involved. But if you’re both going in different directions, it is not natural!!

To avoid that, you need to tap into who you are and understand it first of all!


Know who you are

You DON’T WANT to attract a man who changes you all the time.

You think that being truly honest will repel the men. But it will actually do the completely opposite!

You might feel like you’re not enough. And that’s the decision YOU have made!! Not him or anyone else. YOU.

And once you decide that you are not enough, you will be showing up this way. You will be clingy and needy. You will show up with lack. And attract the same thing!

We think that he’s not changing so we need another guy. But that’s not true. First, we need to change ourselves and THEN we can attract healthy relationships.

So what will you never tolerate again?


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