Are you unhappy in your marriage? YOU MATTER!

Are you unhappy in your marriage? YOU MATTER!

A lot of women are in terrible marriages, terrible relationships and they just assume – “that’s how it’s supposed to be…” But that’s not true!! Are you unhappy in your marriage? Learn to recognize that YOU MATTER!


So many women have surrendered, accepted their unhappiness.


And you do have a choice.

You deserve to be happy.

So if your answer to the questions “Are you unhappy in your marriage?” is a bold YES!! keep reading! It’s time to change your life!!



Are you unhappy in your marriage?

Are you depleted? Unhappy?

Have you accepted the subpar existence?

A lot of woman accept being happy… We accept being with a man who talks down to us… We give excuses for them!!

We get to the point of lack and exhaustion that we just go with it…

That’s when the spiritual and emotional side of you dies…


What’s the point to live an unhappy life???

I was miserable in my 20-year marriage.

The only thing I was happy about was my 2 sons…

It doesn’t make any sense!!


What to do?!!?

You have 2 choices.

I know plenty of women who are saying “I’ve accepted it”. And it’s alright if you want it to be that way!

But there’s a lot more powerful decision. YOU CAN CHOOSE YOU.

Yes, it is scary, you might be completely confused on how you can make it happen…

It will be scary!

But when you tap into your power and tap into your happiness and recognize yourself as a wonderful being with tons of value… You’ll be able to do ANYTHING!!


Stop pointing at him, start pointing at yourself!!

Why you’ve accepted this way of life? I bet, you wouldn’t treat your husband the way he treats you…

You’re constantly in chaos and drama… Constantly tiptoeing around him… Controlling and fixing…


It’s all about him, never about you!!

I’m here to tell you to GATHER THE COURAGE and get over it.

It’s time to say I COME FIRST. Because you do.

I don’t promote getting a divorce. No. But you have to know when it’s enough – it’s enough.

If you’ve already tried it all and nothing seems to be working, it’s time to let go.

No woman gets married to get divorced…

But you do need to choose YOUR HAPPINESS.


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Are you unhappy in your marriage? YOU MATTER!


Revi Goldwasser, Founder of Fearless Woman




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